Integrated eCommerce Store with Store Builder

Create your own eCommerce store within minutes with our easy-to-use and intuitive store builder.

Drag-and-drop store builder

Create your store within minutes with simple drag-and-drop feature. Change design, company logo, theme, appearance without coding a single line.

Single Page Checkout

Enable customers to add or remove products, shipping and complete payment without leaving the page.

Multi-Store and Brand Support

Create and manage brand-based sub stores and affiliate stores from one place.

Search engine optimized store front

Search engine optimized store front easily makes your website rank higher. The layout brings more engagement.

Clone Stores to Quickly Setup Similar Store

With a few clicks, clone your existing store to a new one and configure it with different language, currency, products and services.

An integrated blog or articles section

Integrated blog enables you to publish company news, and informative content from one place without a separate login.

Localization Ready

Enable your store content language to auto-translate as per the locality. Reach global customers without creating separate stores.

Power-Packed Apps Store

Download multiple apps designed and uploaded by other vendors from the ImprintNetwork app store.

Integrations with ERP systems

Automate your business process by integrating your store with a ERP system for your choice.

Multi vertical Support

We cater all industries including screen printing, laser engraving, promo product printing, and multiple apparel such as industrial clothing, medical scrubs, hospitality apparel and more.

Power-Packed Apps Store

ImprintNetwork App Store has a collection of eCommerce apps that extend the functionality of your online store.

Responsive design/ Mobile Friendly Design

Allow your customers to browse and buy from any device. Cater to the increasing group of mobile shoppers.

Live Editing

Make modification on your live website without going offline, and see changes in real-time without writing a single code.

Your own domain name

Get your own brand domain name or add your existing domain name. Personalize your website as per your need.

Multiple Payment system integration

Integrate secure third-party payment system such as Moneris, Square, X-Charge, Sage, USAePay, FastCharge, Stripe, Paypal and Braintree and take credit card and debit card payment through website.

Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Get secure and reliable virtualized computing resources with 99.9% uptime. Keep your business open 24/7.

Content Management System

Create, edit and publish content yourself using our WYSIWYG CMS tools. No coding required.

Easy Navigation & Flexible Menu Structure

Find all your menus and submenus organized for easy navigation. Edit your store’s menu structure as per your need.

Open API

Use our open API to integrate ImprintNetwork to any third-party tool you need for productivity and ease-of-use.

Multiple Checkout Methods & Ledgers

Your customers can choose from multiple checkout methods as per their convenience. You can generate ledgers and business accounts from one place.

Customer Relationship Management

Integrate your favorite CRM systems with ImprintNetwork with a few clicks. Synchronize, organize and automate customer relationships.

Custom Email Templates

Get access to hundreds of custom email templates, which you can use for your transaction email. You can also create your own.

Product Catalog & Suppliers Management

Managing your product inventory has never been easier. From easy product upload to product marketing, get all features in one tool.

Secure Catalog Management

Upload, manage and sort product catalog based on your business needs. Give your customers rich, consistent information about all products.

Custom Products Management

Provide predefined design element in your products as well as customize it based on your business needs. Create customized pricing, templates, design area and more in one place.

Product Reviews & Ratings

Provide reviews and star ratings for all your products. 70% of customers consult reviews and ratings before making the final purchase.

Bulk Product Import & Export Functionalities

Import & export products in bulk to multiple stores and suppliers as well as list products in CSV format for easy processing.

Compound Products

Sell products in bundle. Group two or more products into item and sell dynamically without uploading product details separately.

Product Comparison

Allow customers to compare products side by side along with their features, price and photos on the same page.

Catalog, Product Management, Bundles & Kits

Manage your product catalog, other products, product bundles and kits from one place. Create your own bundles and kits.

Posting Products in Social Websites

Integrate social media profiles to post your products to social media websites. Let your followers and social media fans know about your latest products.

Simple Snippets to Display Store Products in any Web Page

Use our snippet to display and market your store products on any website. Enable affiliate marketing using our snippet.

Brand Syndication

Brand syndication connects manufacturers to retailers and lets them track sales, traffic, returns etc.

Inventory Alerts

Get alerts on your mobile phone, email, admin and on all devices for new inventory or depleting inventory. As well as set inventory limit to trigger alerts.

Ready to subscribe Product Catalog from suppliers

Subscribe thousands of products with one click directly from suppliers. ImprintNetwork comes integrated with industry-leading suppliers.

Orders, Re-Orders & Returns Management

Make it easier for your customers to order and for you to manage their orders from the backend. Streamline customer orders, reorders, and returns from one place.

Re-Order & Auto Re-Order System

Enable customer to view their order history and re-order their products with one click. Enable auto reorder feature for frequent buyers.

Quick Order Form

Generate quick order forms for your repeat customers as well as frequent resellers by giving them an easy, immediate and intuitive experience.

Orders & Returns Management

Process orders and returns from one place. Customers can create new return requests and view status of prior return requests.

Restrict Orders from Unwanted IPs

Prevent your website from hackers. Restrict orders from suspicious IPs. Block configured IPs from the admin panel.

Shipping, Logistics & Dropship Management

Avail all features to easily ship orders to your customers. Our integrated shipping solutions and tools make sure your customers get their products on time.

Inventory & Dropship Management

Avoid costly error, stay organized and track all inventory activities. Manage dropshipping and fulfillment methods from one place.

Logistic Partnerships

Get world’s best eCommerce shipping solution with our logistic partnership with industry leaders such as UPS, FedEx, USPS etc.

Zone wise Shipping Methods

Create shipping rates that automatically respond to customers shipping location. Configure and manage zone-wise shipping methods at one place.

Online Designer Tool & Product Personalization

Integrated decorator brings powerful features to give your customers an engaging experience and lets you manage customization features from the backend.


ImprintNetwork is embroidery ready. Auto-set stitch density, underlay and pull compensation for embroidery letter created in the decorator.


Enable personalization of all promotional products from t-shirts to graduation hat and everything in-between from one tool.

Mobile Responsive

Enable your customers to design their products on the go using our mobile responsive design studio.

10,000+ cliparts, designs and assets

Get royalty free cliparts, designs and preloaded assets with ImprintNetwork. Your customers can use these cliparts and templates for their products.

Custom price and print setting

Assign custom price based on the product, material, color selected, printing method used and other variables. Enable and disable specific print methods based on the product.

Real-time pricing

Your customers get real-time pricing as they add or remove design elements, select material, print setting etc. Let them make an informed decision

Integrated Sales and Marketing Tools

We integrate advanced sales and marketing tools so that you get more customers and make more sales.

Gift Cards

Create, and edit gift cards from your store.

Preferred Selling

Create shoppers group and send discounts and deal specific to the group. Offer selected products and specific payment process for each group.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Present your customers with similar products or your best selling product to increase your sales. ImprintNetwork provides all tools to cross-sell and up-sell.

Coupons, Flexible Discount Rule Engine and Deal-of-the-Day

Generate and distribute coupons to your customers. Set discount rules for specific products that update automatically. Flash deals-of-the-day products using our easy-to-use tools.

Category Suggestion

Create and manage multiple categories of products from one place. Suggest your customers similar products in the same or different category.

Product Suggestion

Create product groups to suggest your customers with similar products based on usage, category and additional items.

Campaign email

Create simple email campaigns using our tools or integrate third party applications to manage email list and campaign.

Social Media Marketing integration

Market your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media channels. Run paid marketing to boost business reach and sales.

Email marketing integration

Run your email marketing campaign for your store by integrating leading email marketing applications and sync email address.

Print Technology Management

We make sure that your transition from taking orders to product printing is smooth and without error. We support all printing technology and printable products.

Supports all print methods

ImprintNetwork supports screen printing, embroidery, DTG, dye sublimation, metal etching, wooden engraving, and all other print methods.

Supports all products

Offer your customer to design any product: from t-shirts to mugs; slippers to pens and everything in-between

Custom price rules, print settings

Create custom price rules based on the colors used, print method selected, material used, and other print settings.

Print ready art files

Keep customer’s art and design organized for each order. The print ready art files will be auto assigned for the specific printing process.

Quotation & Artwork Management

Create accurate quotes fast with our quotation management tools. Convenient artwork management makes sure you don’t get unhappy customers.

Quotation Management

Interact with your customers across multiple touchpoints and generate flexible, fast, integrated and accurate quotes from anywhere.

Approval Management

ImprintNetwork provides system to manage approval workflow transparently, effectively, and accurately.